How Social Media Marketing Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

Social Media Marketing, nowadays a big platform that is computer basis technology for sharing information over the web. Over the Social media, you can share your thoughts, ideas, interests, information etc. There are main 3 points about the social media:-
  • Social media are interactive Web 2.0 web applications.
  • A person can create their content as text, post or comments, photos, videos etc.
  • Many platforms to share your thoughts.

Which Social Media Platforms are you best at using and why:


It is a social media platform with a top ranking in google. Facebook is known as an online social and social networking service. It is user-friendly social media. You can like your friend post, send requests, posts your thoughts, comment on posts or can join the group or can like pages of your interests. You will be updated with all the updates of groups or pages

It is very simple video sharing website over the web. You can share any video after creating at your end. It is also very user-friendly as it is owned by google so you just need a Gmail Id to access this. You can also play other video or see them and like them. You also can comment on videos.

It is web news sharing sites. A person just needs to sign up to share thoughts and the post should be only in 140 characters only. If you don’t want to sign in to twitter then you can access only information or posts of others. You can share your information called tweet. You can like, Retweet and can reply to posts.

It is also a part of social media platforms. It can be pronounced as google plus. Google + is owned by Google to share thoughts on social networks. You just need a Gmail id to create your google+ profile.

It is a photo sharing site over the web or mobile. You can share your image with a line (what’s about is this image). You need to sign up with an Email Id only.

It is social network platforms fully oriented for business purpose. You can operate it by a website. You also can find a job by creating your profile on LinkedIn and get updates here. Basically, it is a business and employment purpose platform.

A social sharing platforms where you can also share your blog, images or videos by link also. You can promote yourself through Tumblr. 


Image messaging and multimedia mobile application, a social media platform where you can share your story here by doing sign up on SnapChat.

An image sharing platform where you can share your photos. The social media marketing site.

So these are social media platforms those also are very user-friendly.
Source: This article was published in LinkedIn by Deepanshi Chauhan


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