Stuck in life? Then launch your slash (/)

The BIG questions.
  • Do you wake up every morning with an “Urghh! Not again!”?
  • Do you worry about not knowing your passion?
  • Do you feel unlucky and left behind?
If you are struggling with any of these questions, you are not alone. Most of us don’t know what passion means. We just think it is something ‘out there’ to be found. And we don’t find it. 

There is a romanticized idea about chasing passion and how there is that one thing every person is passionate about. The stress on “ONE” is so much that you lose sight of what you want to do and develop a tunnel vision. It becomes a blind game of Marco Polo where you don’t know what you are looking for, where to look, or how to look for it. Chasing this passion becomes the goal rather than finding something to do. And if you’re so busy looking for this misconstrued meaning of passion, you could miss opportunities that change your life.

So, let’s stop playing Marco polo looking for passion and accept the fact that it is perfectly ok to NOT know. Instead, let’s move on to what else you could be in life. Let’s take on some unique adventures with no goal or chasing. Let’s align ourselves to seek variety in life; let’s lead a SlashLife.

What is SlashLife?

A forward Slash “ / “. It is much more than a shorthand punctuation. You don and doff the multifarious personalities that you have picked up along your journey; an eclectic ensemble of avatars living in different worlds. You could pick and choose according to what catches your fancy. You could be an Artist/Designer; Writer/Photographer; Technologist/Musician; anything that makes you come alive. You can paint a different story everyday.

Today, everyone needs a slash to realize their dreams and achieve excellence. It builds a kaleidoscopic vision where you can experience all the colors, twists and turns which develop the slash- and you can see the best version of yourself. 

We all know Apple Computers is one the greatest companies ever. Do you think the company was born just out of passion? NO.

When Steve Jobs started off his career he was not particularly interested in business or technology. He attended Reed College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Oregon. During this time, he decided to study Physics, Arts and Poetry. Jobs dropped out of college after his first year, and decided to take auditing courses and a calligraphy class. Somewhere along the way, he also decided to seek spiritual enlightenment and traveled all the way to India. What made Steve Jobs so great?It is his SlashLife. He was an entrepreneur/ inventor/ technology visionary/designer/ artist/ organic farmer/ explorer. He was able to connect all the dots that he had collected for years. And excellence does not come by just doing ONE thing. Excellence comes with a variety of experiences, skills, learnings and adventures we choose for ourselves. Not passion alone.

Let’s stop pondering over the location of passion, but focus on creating experiences and discovering everything that you could be. This will eventually come together to enrich you as a person, help you achieve excellence at work, or even help find your life’s purpose. This way of life will bring out your best self; and your best self is at the intersection of experience and learnings, and developing and honing a variety of Slashes.

Launch your slash. Launch yourself.

FindYourSlash is a platform where you can find ideas and tools to launch yourself. We want to help you lead, develop and implement, what we call, your SlashLife
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Source: This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Shalini Prakash

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