Future Technology Trends that Gonna Rule the Planet

There are many technologies that have already made their prominent mark in 2018 and are only a few more applications away from becoming mainstream. These emerging technologies are changing the way we work and interact with others. These technologies revolutionizing the way we do business and making high-tech approaches an integral part of our lives and also reshaping the career space.

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  1. Accurate detection – no false alarms! Our system does not mistake UAVs for other flying objects such as birds, balloons or kites. CUAS

  2. Law Enforcement and various government agencies are also using Cell-Site Simulators and IMSI Catchers to help in the apprehension of violent and dangerous fugitives. Cellular Monitoring

  3. Back in January, Ellen Lord, the DAS Under Secretary, was asked to tackle this issue, stated O’Donnell during a certain keynote speech he made on August 21 at AUVSI’s DPS Conference held in Washington, DC. Anti Drone