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Want to share your Technical thoughts, Opinions, Journey or Tutorial to a Larger Technical audience?

Budding, seasonal or professional you all now have awesome guest blogging opportunities to get your name out there... Wondering how? 


Since we have been keeping occupied lately to put 5 or 10 quality posts per week, we have come up with an idea that will keep the flow of the some wonderful content without stop. We want you to come up with some great content and show us your voice in words that will get posted here every week. 

Whether you are a rookie or a well informed blogger or a skilled writer that aspires to influence masses with his string of words and can pull more readers, you are warmly welcome to get featured on our website. 

We wanted free guest posts you to provide us 1-2 super quality post(s) per week. But hey! Commitment is what you have to stick to for the long run. So if you’re looking at it for just a month or so then we request you to not bother applying. Right? 

If these guest blogging opportunities have got you excited already then drop us an email: along with some of your content (or videos) and some more information that you think will come in handy! 

We are sure this idea is going to take us both at new levels with the great content you will be providing weekly or even daily! 

So what are you waiting on? Go ahead, grab your machines and pull those words and string me the melody of your content. Email me ASAP…!


Length of an Article : In order to come out with a good and well informed article, the article length must be minimum 500+ words. We will not accept articles less than 800 words. So make sure your article has minimum word count of 500+ words. 

Article Theme: The theme of your post has to be of Technology, How to stuffs, Life, Inspiration, Lifestyle and new creative ideas 

Reader's catch: Design your write ups well with proper and apt subheadings, headings and bold fonts for key sentences. You are free to use images and tables when required. 

A big NO to misleading Links: Please refrain from using irrelevant links as this step was taken because our website was hit by a major penguin update. You are allowed to put only 1 link on a relevant keyword. 

Screenshots: You are welcome to decorate your "submit guest post" with relevant Images, screenshots, Instagram images/videos, etc. 

Affiliated links: It is a big No to any affiliate links inside articles or the guest posts. 

Taking Care of Copyright: We follow strict guest post guidelines on copyright so in case you are caught violating it, your account will be deleted immediately. We request the writers to refrain from submitting any guest post that has been copied from other blogs which may or may not be your own site or blog. We will not entertain or publish any such write ups!

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